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My First Visit


On your first visit to Boones Ferry Chiropractic and Massage you will be welcomed as a member of our family and our receptionist will greet you with a warm smile. You will then be asked to fill out the required forms which will help us gain some information about you and your condition. During the consultation we go over your health history to get a thorough understanding of your condition.  At this point, Dr. Ryan or Dr. Dan will be able to tell you if your condition is one that can be helped through chiropractic care. If so, we will continue to the examination process to narrow the differential diagnosis to a single specific diagnosis. If not, we will help you find the doctor that can help you the most. Nothing will be done in our office without your consent.


After a thorough consultation with the doctor, you will have a complete chiropractic examination. This may include testing your reflexes, checking your range of motion, performing multiple comprehensive orthopedic tests, neurologic testing, postural, and physical examinations. Th doctor will gain valuable information regarding your condition so they may have a better understanding of how they will be able to help you.


If necessary, the doctor may need to take X-rays or refer you for additional testing procedures. We have in suite X-ray and develop the films immediately. X-ray is sometimes required to get a full evaluation of a patient. The need for X-ray is considered on a case by case basis.

Review of diagnosis

Once all the information and examinations have been performed, the doctor will give you a diagnosis and tell you his recommendations for treatment.


If he can help you with your condition, he will explain to you the procedure he would recommend, inform you of your alternative options, and educate you of any possible risks involved. 


Report of findings

On you second appointment, you will be given a comprehensive narrative report detailing the information from your first visit. It will include the history, the physical exam results, any ancillary studies or X-rays, the diagnosis, and the treatment plan. Your diagnosis will be explained in detail and the prognosis will be given. This is a perfect time, although not limited to, any questions or concerns as you begin on the road to better health.


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